Papineau Lake Community Association (PLCA)
What membership in the Papineau Lake Community Association Provides

Your dues along with hundreds of volunteer hours help us to move forward on our key goals:
promoting responsible environmental stewardship
  • We provide annual water quality testing
encouraging an active social atmosphere
  • We host an annual general meeting.
  • We organize an annual regatta, obtaining all liability insurance required.
  • We organize a large raffle at the regatta to raise money for the association and area hospitals
  • We host a meet and greet  party, an annual lake social event
monitoring and communicating changes which affect our lake community
  • We are active participants at municipal council meetings representing the interest of the Papineau Lake community focusing on improvements to municipal supplied services
  • We produce  two newsletters and manage the lakes website –
  • We maintain  a list of current lake residents to facilitate active communication on lake issues.
​If you wish to join the association, complete the membership application and follow the payment instructions on the application.

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