Papineau Lake Community Association (PLCA)
Water Testing
The PLCA has entered into the Lake Partner Program with the Ministry of the Environment.  The program provides testing for Total Phosphorous (TP) in our lake water.  TP concentrations are ideally used to interpret lake nutrient status since phosphorus is the element that controls the growth of algae in most Ontario lakes. Increases in phosphorus may decrease water clarity by stimulating algal growth. In extreme cases, algal blooms will affect the aesthetics of the lake and/or cause taste and odour problems in the water.  The MOE provides a document for interpreting Phosphorous results.

The MOE did the intial test in May of 2013.  The result is posted on the Ministry web site.  Data from testing by lake volunteers in the summer and fall of 2014, 2015 and 2016 is posted below.
Latitude Longitude   TP1 TP2
452018 774853 15-May-13 4.2 4.0
452064 774886 04-Jul-14 3.8 3.8
452064 774886 07-Aug-14 3.8 3.4
452064 774886 07-Sep-14 3.2 4.0
452064 774886 09-Oct-14 4.4 4.2
452064 774886 09-Jul-15 6.0 5.8
452064 774886 05-Sep-15 5.2 4.6
452064 774886 30-Jun-16 6.4 4.4

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